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Mengi Series: GYDA - Evolution útgáfutónleikar í IÐNÓ

  • MENGI 2 Óðinsgata Reykjavík, 101 Iceland (map)

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Mengi Series proudly presents G Y D A Evolution at Iðnó Thursday 25th October. 

The event starts at 21.00 
Tickets: 2.900 kr.


GY D A celebrates the release of her new album Evolution on figureight. Performing with Gyda Valtysdottir will be:

Guðbjörg Hlín Guðmundsdóttir - violin
Sigrún Kristbjörg Jónsdóttir - viola
Júlía Mogensen - cello
Shahzad Ismaily - moog & drums 

Gyða’s new album, Evolution, features her original compositions and was co-produced by Alex Somers. Other collaborators were Shahzad Ismaily, Albert Finnbogason, Aaron Roche, Julian Sartorius and Úlfur Hansson. The recordings took place in New York and L.A., in two 10 days sessions with a day off in the middle. The process was a healthy one, both physically and mentally, the main pillars being good food, green tea and pre-session meditation. The flow in the album then, perhaps not surprisingly, is exquisite and almost otherworldly. Not unlike the predecessor, but make no mistake, the pastures are new and unexplored, Gyða bringing out her artistry and vision unadulterated. Strings swirl, electronics hums gently, voices enter – and then exit – gracefully. This is a sturdy yet elegant album – delicate and powerful at the same time. Gyða’s distinctive vocals remain in the foreground, her cello always inventive and highly personal, underlining a dignified craftsmanship. “Etheral” is a word tossed around, perhaps irresponsibly, but never has its true meaning been as apt. 

The best art seems to be something that rises from the unconscious, a force we can’t really fight, only succumb to. As Gyða states herself: “Evolution was an effortless birth. So much so that I thought - is this allowed! I have always given value to blood, sweat and tears so this was a new process for me. Whenever I felt even the softest touch of resistance, I let it guide me in other directions. The work didn’t listen to my suggestions of it being a little more this or that. In the end it decided its own course and it was genuinely uplifting to simply surrender to its demands.”