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Design March / Hönnunarmars :: 1+1+1

  • MENGI 2 Óðinsgata Reykjavík, 101 Iceland (map)

Opnunartímar sýningarinnar:
14.mars: 17:00–19:00
15.mars: 11:00–17:00
16.mars: 11:00–17:00
17.mars: 12:00–17:00
18.mars: 12:00–17:00

1+1+1 is an experimental collaboration between designers from three Nordic countries: Hugdetta from Iceland, Petra Lilja from Sweden and Aalto+Aalto from Finland. 

In order to examine and re-imagine objects, each studio designs an object consisting of three distinct parts and then randomly assembles them, creating unpredictable combinations. A set of rules are agreed upon but no information is shared during the process in order not to influence the design work.

On this year‘s DesignMarch, 1+1+1 launches a new collection, consisting of handmade objects made from wicker, ceramics and cotton.. As a part of the project Sweet Salone initiated by Aurora Foundation, the collection is the result of collaboration between the 1+1+1 team, and craftspeople in Sierra Leone. 

With its main focus on funding developmental projects in Africa, Aurora Foundation has also generously supported designers in Iceland with its Aurora Design Fund. 

In order to create mutual benefit and understanding for both parties, the Sweet Salone project is designed to build bridges between Icelandic and Sierra Leonean designer and artisans. 
In the new collection of 1+1+1, the fusion of sleek Nordic design and rustic African craftsmanship results in exciting new shapes and forms. 

Sharing ideas, working together and learning from one another has made a profound impact and, improved lives. The final result is the combination of joy, hope, knowledge and friendship, experienced by all those involved. 

We would be happy to see you at the opening where we will enjoy live music and some refreshements.

Further information about the Sweet Salone project can be found at

Opening hours:
March 14th: 17:00–19:00
March 15th: 11:00–17:00
March 16th: 11:00–17:00
March 17th: 12:00–17:00
March 18th: 12:00–17:00