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Adam Basanta & Erik De Luca

  • MENGI 2 Óðinsgata Reykjavík, 101 Iceland (map)

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Adam Basanta's Small Movements is a sound performance using tuned microphone feedback, modified amplification techniques, and kinetic elements. 
Microphones and speakers are hand-manipulated to create delicate, low volume, harmonic feedback melodies and chords; jars are placed on top of speakers as physical sonic filters; cassette tape recorders record their surroundings and play it back in phased loops.
This performance is a meditation on the instabilities of sound production; the quiet, fragile and delicate phenomena resulting from the intertwining of sonic technologies.

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The Call of the Wild (performance lecture)

“Listening to cacophony and noise tells us that there is a wild beyond to the structures we inhabit and that inhabit us.” 
-- Jack Halberstam (gender studies scholar)

A hunter named Johnny Stewart invented the first electronic animal caller, “The Call of the Wild.” I archived Stewart’s original LPs and informational pamphlets and I was intrigued to learn that hunters and wildlife enthusiasts used portable record players to make contact with the “wild beyond.” As a kind of shrine, I designed a solar powered micro-museum to invite speculation about the wild sites beyond the beyond. How do we call for them? What does postcolonialism and re-wilding conservation have to do with alienation and brokenness? How can we break, modify, or malfunction the circuits of technology to disrupt the assumptions of history?

Doors at 20:30 - Tickets are 2.000 kr.